• Build, Test and Preview in Real Time
  • Platform and Device Independent Publishing
  • Hosted on Mobilous Cloud
  • Optimized for Demand-based Performance
  • App Store Ready Packaging
  • Free Trial
  • Drag-and-Drop User Interface Makes Building Simple
  • Do-It-Yourself Made Easy for Managers
  • Increased Productivity for All
  • Visual UI Suited for Any Skill Level
  • Manage Multiple Projects & Apps from a Single Place
  • Free Trial
  • Designed for Rapid Prototyping and Building
  • Reusable Templates for Common User Tasks
  • Increased Productivity for Users
  • Library of 35+ parts and 100+ Actions in Page Toolkit
  • Common Gestures Supported
  • Free Trial
  • Complete Library of UI Controls & Building Blocks
  • Support for Device Features
    Support for GPS, Compass, Accelerometer
  • Seamless Backend Integration
  • International Languages Support
  • Free Trial
Seamless Integration, Device Support
  • Integration with all major social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Saleforce)
  • APIs for server integration with enterprise systems
  • REST Frameworks for accessing Enterprise Data
  • Free Trial

Simple Made Simpler

With AppExe®, you don’t have to worry about complexities of technology stack, programming language, and so on. Using just your common sense, and the basic concept about your desired mobile app, you are good to go.

Once you start, each step you take will lead you to the next, and soon enough you will be ready to deploy your Mobile App for your Business!

Build Only Once!

You want the app to be on smartphones and tablets? Android as well as iPhone? And on the mobile web too? Concerned about maintaining so many versions of the same application?

Worry no more! With AppExe® you write only once. Simple drag-and-drop and pick-and-choose lets you define only once. AppExe® will then render it on all common platforms.

Real Apps Do Data

AppExe® from Mobilous lets you build data driven apps – that you can integrate with your web-based applications and with your back-end data systems, to bring real-time interaction with your business to the fingertips of your mobile audience