The Client:
Ranked amongst top 150 India’s most trusted brands, the client is country’s leading Electrical Equipment companies. With a formidable market presence of over 3 decades, the company has an extensive and multi-level catering product line accessible across the globe in over 50 countries.

Client Requirement:
Retailers are the back bone of a good distribution network and reflect the market penetration success of a company. The client was initially working with legacy systems and age-old manual business processes which dig deeper into the wallet and did not generate the desired RoI. The client joined hands with Mobilous to develop an agile Retailer Portal App that provides one stop solution for maximum ease of business.

Solution Delivered:
Mobilous’ unique zero code platform AppExe offers plethora of UX/UI capabilities via drag-and-drop visual editor that enhance user experience to higher levels. AppExe empowers the users to capture & scan images, receive real-time personalised alerts, add & edit product catalogue, have dedicated dashboards and many more functionalities all in a secure and scalable environment. The App not only allows secured and verified access but also is scalable enough to augment and accommodate multiple users all at same time. By integrating user and product data on-cloud, accessibility is just a click away. The client is able to extend its Sales Benefit program through the integration of banks with the App; wherein the retailers add bank details, accumulate product sale points and redeem benefits directly in bank account – all under one umbrella. AppExe brings on board multi-deployment capabilities which the client utilised to release On-premise, Android, iOS and Web multiple versions.

Client Benefit:

  • Legacy data migration

    The client had a multi-level retail business process management system with minimum automation and endless paperwork. The Retail Portal App not only streamlined the entire process but also aided the client in improving workforce productivity

  • Less is more

    By leveraging zero code platform capabilities, AppExe breaks the stigma of mobile app development being of complex nature. With only 4 resources and in a short development span of 6 weeks the client drastically cut down paperwork and reduced more than 50% of time and resource associated cost with managing the vast retailers’ network.

  • Value to Stakeholders

    Before Retailer Portal App, Sales benefit program required continuous coordination between banks, retailers and the client. The secure and verified integration of banks with the app minimises the effort and enables delivering value to retailers on time.