The Client:
The client is the financial services arm of one of India’s largest conglomerate. For the last 8 years, the client operates across India and has over 20 million customers and boasts workforce of approximately 16000.

Client Requirement:
Loan management is a tedious business process with piles of paperwork, endless physical on-road movement, critical wait for loan approval status, continuous coordination among the stakeholders and much more. When the financial services arm of India’s largest conglomerate reached out to Mobilous for detangling the process, the solution was an end-to-end simplified, hassle-free Loan Management App.

Solution Delivered:
The Loan Management App consists of structured modules for Salaried, Self-Employed and Corporate customers; further categorised into types of loans like car, home and SME loans. Built on AppExe the App enables users to upload proof documents through its highly responsive one-click UI features. A secured environment for access is ensured by registering users through real time verification. From submission of proof documents to adding loan requirement details the App offers smooth and steady navigation. With dedicated dashboards the loan manager is able to keep track of customer data and pending details required for completion of process. Post successful submission of all documents loan ID is generated and customer can receive real time status update on loan approval/rejection. In order to reach out to maximum customers the App has been deployed at on-premise, Android, iOS and Web.

Client Benefit:

  • Data Consolidation

    Single window transactions enable loan manager to keep track of each customer activity, thus ensuring rapid process completion.

  • Hassle-free loan application process

    End-user can edit and upload documents irrespective of location and time constraints. Without any added cost.

  • Deriving more value

    By leveraging zero code platform capabilities, AppExe made the Loan Management App possible with only 4 resources and in just 6 weeks of development time. Not only the mundane age-old paperwork, both time and infrastructure cost was reduced by more than 50%, thus making the enterprise lean and agile.