The Client:

The client is an integrated logistics services provider headquartered in India. The services portfolio comprises of Sea Freight, Airfreight, Project Cargo Transportation, Cargo Terminals and Coastal Shipping. The company boasts of a wide network across 18 locations in India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Tanzania.  Established in 2005, the client has been accredited with the Best Consolidator of the Year – All India 7 times in a row from 2010 to 2016.


Client Requirement:  Logistics App Migration

The client aimed at assimilating its business solutions for its various department and vendors. Web enablement was undertaken to add to the data accuracy along with real-time rapid situation management. However, with the 3rd party technology development, the existing Logistics App faced new set of challenges which were:

  • Lengthy code development time
  • Bulky code management  leading to App’s under performance
  • Absence of scalability to accommodate future system changes
  • Higher App Dev and maintenance cost
  • Inconsistent App behavior across multiple platforms
  • Inferior user experience due to inconsistent App behavior

 The client hence decided to upgrade and joined hands with Mobilous to build a 100% Native App using Mobilous’ patented zero-code technology based platform - AppExe.


 Solution Delivered

The Logistics App migrations involved shunning of heavy source code and develop the App in half the time as against traditional app development time. All the App features were maintained so as to ensure user comfort level. The end-user delight was ensured through platform transition, which reflected through: 

  • No lengthy code development time – Being zero-code, AppExe eliminated reliance on source code.
  • Version Control – AppExe ensures user can access/refer to various versions of the App to incorporate changes wherever required. The App Admin is empowered with Application version control and app management authority.
  • High Performance – Now a 100% native, App performance is higher than earlier versions.
  • Scalability issues - By leveraging AppExe platform capabilities, the App was made scalable to accommodate future changes and upgrade to higher versions. The 90+ pages App has horizontal scaling capability to augment and accommodate all multi-user requests. By integrating user and product data on-cloud, accessibility is just a click away.
  • Less App Dev and maintenance cost – App development did not require reliance on resources with programming skills thus reducing the development and maintenance cost of the App.
  • Seamless App behaviour across platform – The App brings together a seamless coalition of 9 functional modules that continuously interact with backend ERP system via more than 20 APIs by using the robust and secure AppExe Plugin Framework to ensure user gets real-time data updates.
  • Authorized Access – Role based, secured access to authorized users has been incorporated in the App.
  • Single Cross Platform App Release – Without extending app development time, the App was build only once on AppExe platform and released across iOS and Android multiple versions.


 Client Benefit:

  • App migration with a Robust Backend Integration

    Earlier versions were primarily non-native. This made the App incapable of meeting expectation for quick response and high performance. With the Logistics App now made 100% native using AppExe platform the above scenario stands changed. Backend integration with the robust Plugin Framework of AppExe ensured removal of irate API responses.

  • Less is more

    AppExe breaks the stigma of enterprise-grade mobile app development being of complex nature. With only 5 resources and in a short development span of 6 weeks the client drastically cut down App development time by 50% and saved on expensive resource cost by more than 60%.

  • No Muscle, All Power

    Being zero code, AppExe shatters the impression of reliance on source code and skilled resources to maintain and upgrade the App. The Logistics App was made 100% native thus delivering a high performing and real-time responsive enterprise-grade App. Seamless interface of vendor and end user ensured faster Go-To-Market for the client without increasing Total Cost of Operations.