Get Native, Cross-Platform Apps, Without a Single Line of Code

The Mobilous platform empowers business users to rapidly build native apps; without having to worry about source codes, multiple platforms or screen sizes, or having resource-intensive teams.

Mobilous’ AI algorithm, patented in US and Japan, takes your app design definitions and converts them into ready-to-launch native apps, at the click of a button.

Savings on Development Cost

Add new features and scale your apps at will. No expensive developers, no repeated updates, no costly redesigns.

How the Mobilous Platform Works

  • Use the drag-and-drop interface to design your app, add workflows, and more
  • Mobilous automatically converts your design into code for each platform, using our patented AI algorithm
  • The code is compiled by the respective SDK of the operating system
  • Binary files are generated by SDK and the web app is hosted automatically.

Features and Functionalities

With Mobilous, your app can be as complex as you want, but building it remains simple.

  • Zero-Coding Platform

    • Interactive drag-and-drop templates for simplified and efficient app design
    • Device and platform independent design and customization of your application
    • Leverage the full range of OS and device-specific features for your app
    • Final app builds with <15 MB of runtime code
    • App-store ready packaging for faster launch and deployment
    • Performance optimization for your application based on user demand
    • Visual user interface suited for any skill level
    • Single-point management for multiple projects and application
  • Rich User Interface

    • A library of UI controls, building blocks, 35+ parts, and 200+ actions-in-page toolkit
    • Re-useable templates for common user tasks
    • Common user gestures supported across platforms
    • Support for device-specific features and international languages
  • Simplified Integrations

    • Integrate with heterogeneous backend systems like AD, MySQL, MsSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Google Cloud, Amazon SES
    • REST/SOAP frameworks for accessing and interacting with enterprise data
    • Perform all major social platforms, CRMs, and third-party integrations as required
    • Integrate with the in-device plugins or SDKs, like fingerprint sensors, printers, QR code generator, OCR SDK, camera SDK, custom GPS and more

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