AppEXE Ease of use Zero Coding Native Apps Cross Platform Drag-n-Drop App-Store Ready WYSIWYG

The AppEXE platform empowers business users to rapidly build native apps; without having to worry about source codes, multiple platform, screen sizes, databases, infrastructure or having resource-intensive teams.


Databases both, on device and in the cloud.


Cloud Based Everything based on the cloud. No need for infrastructure planning.


WYSIWYG Drag and drop, Application building.


Simplified Integrations Integrate with heterogeneous back-end systems.

AppEXE Features

UI Parts

AppEXE Components

User Console

The Console will allow the user to access the AppExe Service. Through console user can manage all the aspects of the Appexe.


Page Editor is an interface of Appexe where user can create Application by adding pages, UI elements, apply functionality...


AppExe is a cloud based platform with every customer running on separate cloud instances. We provide services like Load Bal..


Compiler servers automate compilation of the app you just created.


Plugin lets you connect to outside world. Any SOAP/REST API.


We take security very seriously. We use client server encryption with rotating keys.

AppEXE Frequently Asked Questions?

Does AppExe enable integration with complex client environments like ERP, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Navision?
Yes. AppExe provides a comprehensive enterprise-grade app building experience that aligns perfectly with existing client environments irrespective of the nature – legacy or complexity.
AppExeTM has the ability to connect with any kind of environments through a piece of java code and APIs that we refer to as PlugIn Framework. In case of systems like SAP customer provides a middleware that AppExe connects with and is responsible for AppExe and SAP communication.
Can apps be derived in HTML format using AppExe platform?
Yes. AppExe is a ZERO coding, cross platform, mobile application development platform. The output generated for the designed app are Android,iOS , Windows and HTML5. The output is pure native for mobile OS.
Is it possible to integrate apps with remote database using AppExe?
Yes. AppExe is a compatible robust platform where one can create remote databases using remote database server. AppExe also has a secure Plug In Framework that helps connect existing client remote databases like SQL, MySQL etc with the app being built.
What are the DBs that AppExe comes up for local and cloud?
AppExe utilises SQL Lite for local DB and PostgreSQL for Remote DB.
Can multiple apps be created on a single AppExe platform?
Yes. AppExe enables unlimited app creation.
Do mobile apps developed on AppExe work in remote areas with low or no connectivity?
Yes. Apps developed in AppExe are pure native and the behaviour of these apps is similar to the apps developed with code. App performance is not affected by connectivity. The App data is stored in local database when in low/no connectivity area and is synced with remote database once the app is better/higher connectivity region.
Does AppExe provide complete app development including app code? Is App testing, deployment and maintenance/update on an ongoing basis also done on same platform?
Yes. AppExe is zero code based platform hence there is no app code. AppExe has the capability of incorporating changes and updates on an ongoing basis.
Can apps be customised and developed as per client requirement on AppExe?
Yes. AppExe is an agile zero code technology driven platform and helps develop apps focused on business and user needs.
What are the security features taken up by AppExe for app development?
AppExe incorporates following stringent features to ensure client data security: MDM “In-Tune” Compatibility, Runtime Code Obfuscation, Root and Jail Break Detection, SSL Pinning, SQL Injection Prevention, SSL / TLS v1.2, Encryption of Payload Data and AK – Runtime Security Token.
Is OEM training & certification also taken up for AppExe?
Yes. Aspirants get trained and certified at four levels of platform knowledge and expertise; i.e - Mobilous Certified Professional – Beginner, Efficient, Pro and Master